Law Office of Jeffrey D. Seaton

Amador County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Located in Jackson, Serving a Wide Area

The Law Office of Jeffrey D. Seaton handles a large volume of the criminal cases occurring in Amador County and surrounding counties. In addition, we handle cases in Sacramento, and we assist people from all over California and the U.S. charged with DUI, drug possession and other charges while driving through our area to Lake Tahoe, area vineyards, campgrounds and state parks.

Every Case Is Different

When a criminal defense attorney starts viewing all cases as essentially the same, you are in trouble. Each case is different and deserves unique, creative and diligent attention.

When attorney Jeffrey Seaton handles a DUI, for example, he always order the calibration and accuracy records for the breath test. State officials must prove the breath test machine was working properly each time they use it to try to prove your guilt. Whenever a client is pulled over and charged with a drug crime, we question whether the vehicle stop was legal. If police officers didn't have reasonable cause to pull you over, the charges will be dismissed.

Active in the Legal and Civic Community

Attorney Seaton is a member of numerous legal associations, including the California, Los Angeles, Amador County and Sacramento Bar Associations and the California Public Defenders' Association. Additionally, he is a member of the following community organizations:

  • Prior member of International Association of Lions Club
  • Prior member of Amador County Chamber of Commerce
  • Current assistant Judge Advocate for the State of California American Legion
  • International Association of Lions Club
  • The American Legion
  • The Amador County Chamber of Commerce
  • Also, attorney Seaton was an official candidate for the position of Superior Court Judge for Amador County, 2012

If you were arrested in Amador County, Calaveras County, El Dorado County or Alpine County, contact the firm that has handled over 4,000 criminal cases and serves the Jackson community on an individual and community-wide level. Contact the Law Office of Jeffrey D. Seaton.

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At the Law Office of Jeffrey D. Seaton, we offer free initial 30-minute consultations, accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express, can arrange for a payment plan when necessary and are conveniently located one and a half blocks from the county jail and the district attorney's office. Also, we are available for evening and weekend appointments and can meet with you evening and weekends both before and after an arrest. To contact us, call 209-283-1337.