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A one-time altercation with a spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend or other person following a few drinks or the use of illicit or legal drugs in California can have serious legal consequences. Violent crimes, assault and domestic violence can count as a “strike” in California. The nature of the incident, a previous felony or even a misdemeanor conviction can result in incarceration in county jail and/or state prison.

Criminal defense lawyer Jeffrey D. Seaton of the Law Office of Jeffrey D. Seaton provides knowledgeable and diligent legal assistance. Attorney Seaton is a zealous advocate for all clients and arduously defends each client’s rights following criminal charges involving bodily injury.

For experienced legal assistance in Jackson, California, contact Amador County assault defense lawyer Jeffrey D. Seaton of the Law Office of Jeffrey D. Seaton. Call 209-283-1337.

Numerous factors can influence the final result of your assault case. For example:

  • What is your criminal history, if any?
  • Has the “victim” recanted his or her story?
  • What does a thorough investigation of the case reveal?

Police officers most often conduct only a cursory investigation of assault cases, interviewing just one of several witnesses. We interview all witnesses. We understand that judges and district attorneys have great discretion when handling assault and domestic violence cases; we provide our investigation reports to the District Attorney’s office and argue for dismissal and/or mitigation of charges with the goal of having your charges reduced or dismissed.

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