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When you are pulled over for driving under the influence or face any other type of criminal charge(s) in California, contact attorney Jeffrey D. Seaton, who has 30 years of criminal law legal experience and a background as:

  • A former Military Police Officer and former Deputy Sheriff
  • A former Sacramento Public Defender (as a legal intern, under the supervision of another attorney)
  • An Amador County Judge Pro Tem

Attorney Seaton has handled over 5,000 criminal cases, including more than 1000 cases in which contested evidence was presented in Administrative hearings and in Court. Our firm works with a range of experts, including investigators and blood alcohol level experts, to ensure clients’ rights are protected. Cases we frequently handle include:

For experienced, diligent and personalized legal assistance in Jackson, California, contact Amador County criminal law lawyer Jeffrey D. Seaton of the Law Office of Jeffrey D. Seaton. Call 209-283-1337.

When you are arrested, it may seem like the scale of justice is tipped against you. Attorney Seaton’s strong legal and law enforcement background and thorough knowledge and understanding of the law and the legal process allows him to re-balance the scale equally. Our firm has achieved positive results for thousands of clients. For more information, please contact our firm.

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At the Law Office of Jeffrey D. Seaton, we also offer telephone consultations, accept MasterCard and Visa, can arrange for a payment plan when necessary and are conveniently located near the Amador County Jail, the District Attorney’s office and Amador Superior Court. We are also available for weekend appointments when necessary both before and after an arrest. To contact us, call 209-283-1337.