An Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer in Jackson, California

An Attorney With an Extensive and Varied Criminal Law Background

When you are charged with a crime, it helps to receive legal assistance from an attorney with experience from various sources relating to criminal defense law.

Attorney Jeffrey D. Seaton began his legal career as a Military Police Officer in the U.S. Army and later as a Deputy Sheriff. He began his courtroom experience while in law school, and since graduating he has handled Over 5,000 criminal cases, including over 1000 cases involving contested evidentiary hearings and trials. The result is countless case dismissals and acquittals, along with numerous cases resulting in significantly reduced charges.

Attorney Seaton handles charges ranging from DUI and drug possession to sex offenses, manslaughter, murder and three-strike charges. If you have been accused of a crime in Amador County, Calaveras County, El Dorado County or Alpine County, contact a lawyer who received honorary mention by the Amador County Ledger Dispatch as best attorney of the year. Call 209-283-1337.

  • Honorable mention as Amador County Ledger Dispatch attorney of the year 2011
  • Voted best attorney of the year 2012 by Amador County Ledger Dispatch J Seaton